Department of CSE is offering B.Tech in CSE - 180 Seats, CSE (AI & ML) - 60 Seats and M.Tech (CSE) - 06 Seats

“CSE (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)” course was offered by “Department of CSE”


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the LBRCE was established in 1998, offers Undergraduate Programs - B.Tech in CSE, CSE (AI&ML), and Post Graduate Program - M.Tech in CSE. The B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) program was started in the year 1998 with an intake of 40 students and the intake was subsequently increased to 60 students in the year 1999, 90 students in the year 2008, 120 students in the year 2009 and 180 students in the year 2019. The B.Tech (CSE (AI&ML)) program was started in the year 2021 with an intake of 60 students. The M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) was started in the year 2008 with an intake of 18 students and present intake is 06 students. Currently, our institue enabled high speed Internet bandwidth of 1720 (1000 + 500 + 200 + 20) Mbps.


The Computer Science & Engineering aims at providing continuously stimulating educational environment to its students for attaining their professional goals and meet the global challenges.


To develop a strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science discipline with an emphasis on problem solving.
To inculcate professional behavior with strong ethical values, leadership qualities, innovative thinking and analytical abilities into the student.
Expose the students to cutting edge technologies which enhance their employability and knowledge.
Facilitate the faculty to keep track of latest developments in their research areas and encourage the faculty to foster the healthy interaction with industry.



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